American Rock Mechanics Association, Executive Director (1994-present)
ARMA Foundation, Executive Director (1994-present)
National Institute of Building Sciences, Consultant (1995-present)
buildingSMART alliance
DoD Unified Facilities Program
Department of Homeland Security
Altus Capital Planning Software, Consultant (2008-present)


Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (2006)
AEC Science and Technology, LLC (2008-2009)
American Continental Group (2001)
American Institute of Architects, Consultant (1996-1998)
Civil Engineering Research Foundation, Consultant (1995-1996)
Columbia University, Consultant (1995)
DBM Global Services, Consultant (2010)
Ecobuild, Consultant (2008-2009)
Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society, Consultant (1998-1999)
Federal Highway Administration, Consultant (1998-2004)
Foster-Miller, Inc., Consultant (1999-2005)
General Services Administration (2005-2006)
Krazan & Associates (2007-2008)
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Consultant (1994-1995)
Louisiana Tech University, Trenchless Technology Center, Consultant (1999)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Consultant (1995-2000)
Maurer Engineering, Inc., Consultant (1997-2000)
National Academy of Sciences, Consultant (1995-1996)
National Association of Home Builders Research Center, Consultant (1999-2004)
National Council for Geo-Engineering and Construction, Executive Director (1994-2007)
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Consultant (1995-1999)
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Consultant (1994-2007)
North American Society for Trenchless Technology, Consultant (1999)
Institute for Advanced Drilling, Executive Director (2000-2005)
OSMOS, SA (2002-2004)
RockSol Consulting Group, Inc. (2003-2005)
Society for Fire Protection Engineers, Consultant (2000-2005)
Stantec Engineering, Consultant (2008-present)
University of Oklahoma, Consultant (1999-2000)
UTD, Inc., Consultant (2001-2005)